Buying a home with UpdikeGaspari

David and Kevin are experts at helping you prepare to buy

They have years and years of successful offer presentations in Seattle's hotter market under their belts along with a vast network of agents they are on great terms with. They have lenders you can trust, and home inspectors you can rely on.

When it's time for you to purchase, David and Kevin will spend as much time as you need getting YOU prepared. For you, preparation means being educated about the available housing stock, knowing how much you can spend, knowing that a quality mortgage lender has your back, knowing what a fixed amount can buy you in different neighborhoods, and knowing that when you find the right house an inspector with skill, knowledge and personal integrity will inspect it for you.

Beyond that preparation means understanding the contract you are about to execute, and fully understanding all of the contingencies you are going to include, or exclude, as you strategize together to make your offer the winning offer.

All of this is easier when you work with Kevin and David. They are experienced guides who will see you through the buying maze from looking at your first house to stopping by when you unpack your first box.

Contact UpdikeGaspari now, you will be glad you did.


What our clients say…

Selling your property with UpdikeGaspari

Have the power of Windermere behind your home sale

There is a vast difference in agents and what they will do for you

Kevin and David will go the extra mile for you. Often meeting with sellers’ months before a home goes on the marke helping and guiding you, the seller, to take your house to its maximum selling point. They work with you to position your home for a quick and solid sale.

Their network includes everyone from cleaners and handyman to roofers, painters and gardeners, from designers to stagers. If you need it, they either have it or can find it for you.

Their supreme knowledge of the local market, combined with their listing support network, and the excellent relationships they have fostered with top selling agents in the Seattle market ensures success, YOUR success. You won’t regret listing your home with Kevin and David.